Monday, February 11, 2013

Cookbook a Comin'

Hey gang, I wanted to share some news.

I am a humble member of The Book Posse--a passionate group of authors who are cooking up juicy recipes just as we cook up stories. Our goal? To change the world one word and tasty bite at a time.

And now we have a cookbook on the horizon coming soon.

Who are my co-authors? I give you the bold, the beautiful, the fantastic:
Selena Robins
Denise Agnew
A. Catherine Noon
Nancy Lauzon


Nancy Lauzon said...

I love our cover, Kimberley! Which one am I, bold, beautiful or fantastic? Perhaps all three, LOL?

Selena Robins said...

LOL Nancy, yes, I would say you're all three.

I agree, so glad we finally went with this cover :)

K. Troutte said...

Nancy, you are absolutely all three. And more!

I like the cover too, Selena. So excited about our new book hitting the digital shelves!

K. Troutte said...

I should add, that we are close readers. Really close. We'll let you know when the cookbook is available.