Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kindness, Please

Today is the first day after the shortest, darkest day to of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere).
From here on, our days will be longer and brighter.
It's a time of hope and light.

It is also three days until the most celebrated birthday in the entire world.
It should be a time of rebirth, generosity and unconditional love.

Except sometimes, it isn't.

I have dear friends who are sick and fighting for their lives this holiday season.
Or fighting for a job.
Or a home.

Others are struggling with loneliness, anxiety, and fear.

But we can help! I ask each and everyone of you to reach out today. Do one simple act of kindness for a family member, friend, or total stranger.One kindness can mean life. Just one. Imagine the ripple-effect if everyone did a simple kind act. We could change the world.

Please. Give today.

Hugs to you all and have a blessed Christmas,