Monday, November 23, 2009

Interviewing Death

If you had a chance to ask Death a few questions, what would you ask?

Today over at Beyond the Veil, the website for Samhain Publishing's paranormal and SF/fantasy authors,
I interview Cain and Sara, the main characters from my book, Soul Stealer.

Cain is Death and Sara is the woman he is supposed to kill until the two strike a deal that turns the Natural Order on its head.

So what would you ask Death? You could do what Sara did and ask for more time, but I must warn you that there is a price to pay if you go that route.

There's always a price.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Around and Around the Galley I Go

I'm finishing my galleys for Catch Me in Castile.

Galleys are the proofs for a print book. The publisher asks the author to take one final read through and make any corrections before the book goes to print.

Gulp. There's something very final about the whole process as if my living breathing creation is now going to be set in stone.


I wonder if the Evanovichs, Roberts, Rowlings, and Kings of the world all feel like throwing up each time they open their galleys?

Checking my nerves, I remind myself that this is the way things should go. My baby needs to go off into the world without me. It's as it should be. Perefectly right.

And so I check for typos, word choice, blantant errors, and author stupidity for the very...last...time. And press send.